Minatomirai 21 – The Futuristic Port City みなとみらい 港未来

Minatomirai 21 is one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets. It’s a beautiful city in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, that’s known as the “Port of the Future.” I lived there for four years and there really isn’t a word to describe this place other than utopian.

Minatomirai is a futuristic city and with this in mind, the architecture and the design of the city is modeled after a more detailed and conscientious plan. It’s like Tokyo, but not. The streets are wide, the noise is minimal, and there’s an innate harmony to life and the design that reminds me of Singapore (another futuristic city.)

I’ve spent countless hours walking around Minatomirai and taking pictures. I never got tired of exploring this beautiful city. It’s nestled inside of Yokohama so it’s also easy to walk from Minatomirai to Yokohama Station or to Chinatown.

A part of my soul will always call this place home.