Base Reality

Base Reality is a project that was not something I intended to shoot, but something that came together naturally as a series of images from around the world. I’m motivated by the idea that our reality is a construct of the mind as well as the belief that this is not our base reality. There’s an underlying reality to this reality and these photographs attempt to capture the manifestation of this undercurrent. We construct reality through frames of perception, and what we choose to focus on becomes our reality. But, there’s something deeper as well, something that I believe is our base reality. In this series of images, geometry, color, and form are the basis of an otherworldly scene. These images are also a reflection of what happens when you release your grip on the creative process and allow your intuition to lead the way. You seemingly tap into a higher creative force. This project, although somewhat conceptual in nature, was never intended or inspired through the use of concept.

Locations: Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Tokyo, Boston, Singapore, Scottish Highlands, Iceland, Alcatraz