Landscape, Nature, Beauty

This section contains projects related to landscape, nature, and spirituality – places that emanate beauty and design. The best part of photographing in nature is that it forces you to be infinitely more present with its beauty and to notice details that are often overlooked.

Japan has influenced my perception of beauty in the sense that the Japanese conception of beauty places more of an emphasis on the micro versus macro. In the West, we think in terms of grand landscapes, and our conception of beauty is dictated by how we are trained to think about it, but also our state of mind.

In Japan, it’s innate in both the culture and the eye, to perceive of beauty on a more refined and micro level. So instead of photographing a tree in a certain light, you notice also certain details up close that aren’t possible to see without pause and full immersion into the scene. This requires time and patience and therefore a level of calm and awareness that’s capable of slowing down and noticing what’s not immediately obvious.