This portfolio is a work in progress as I slowly work through a ton of images from the last five + years.

After spending 4 years in Tokyo and then traveling much of the world between that time, I’ve amassed a large collection of photos.

I shoot first and foremost for fun. I firmly believe that art is best expressed when you are relaxed and enjoy whatever it is you’re working on, immersed in the emotion of the moment. Living in Japan felt like total immersion. For that reason, I mostly began photographing street photography and also nature and landscapes.

My approach to photography is dictated by my approach to life. The best moments happen when you are prepared, but also relaxed, letting go of the mind and allowing your intuition to guide you through the creative process. The mind shuts off but turns on at the same time and for that reason, photography is the perfect escape and meditation.

Living in Japan shaped my perception of the world and taught me how to see things on a deeper level by cultivating an appreciation for both beauty and the mundane. This is also a function of your state of mind.

I’m mostly self-taught, but I’ve taken a number of classes at The New England School of Photography and I completed a Post-Bac at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.