Stephanie Hodges - Photography Portfolio

My path in photography began in 2011 around the time I was living in San Diego and moved to Tokyo, Japan. San Diego was the first time I ever felt moved by beauty. I spent my weekends cruising down Coronado Beach in my Nissan 350z convertible with my dog. I sat for countless sunsets at the stunning Hotel Del Coronado. I took my first photography workshop from a landscape photographer on Coronado Beach. This city is where I found art for the first time. After getting my master’s in public policy from SDSU, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. I spent the next four years traveling much of Asia and the world while also learning photography. My portfolio features a range of projects and photographs.

My approach to photography is inspired by my belief in the creative process. Photographs and art are reflections of something higher, something transcendent to  our analytical minds.

Photography for me has never been about money or selling photographs. It’s purely a hobby and prioritizing the art and the creative process allows for maximum creative freedom. Photography is a true form of meditation that directs my mind to the present, allowing me to escape the mind while capturing its hyper-awareness.


My photography style is driven by an empathetic connection I have to both places and people. I believe that the best photographs are spontaneous in nature, driven by an intuitive impulse of the artist.


My photographs are available for fine art prints upon demand.


My photographs are available for licensing. I’m in the process of creating a personal stock photography marketplace.

Master Class

I am currently creating a course on how to take killer photographs, as well as website design for photographers. Photography and web development are a pair of skills that go hand-in-hand, but most photographers never learn to code. As a photographer, I’ve found these skills to be helpful and essential for online marketing and branding.